Risky Business

By Emily Widener @emilycwidener

I think the one thing that all communication majors and PR-related majors can agree on as one of the best things about the career path is that there are no required math or science courses, other than your typical GEC classes, of course. Personally, I am not a math or science person but rather a reader and a writer, so this major suits me well. But, in an attempt to delay my graduation until this spring, I was forced to choose two minors to compliment my major studies. Professional writing was the easy minor to choose, but general business on the other hand, not so much. “Accounting” and “operation systems management” and “finance” were not words in my vocabulary.

I reluctantly started taking these business courses at the beginning of fall semester, but it wasn’t until the Ohio State PRSSA Alan VanderMolen event in November that I realized the true value that my minors could have for my professional career. One thing that Alan strongly encouraged PR students to do while in college was take business courses because, when you think about it, the two fields go hand-in-hand. Your clients will want the most bang for their buck, and won’t they be impressed when you are able to make recommendations based on ROI (return on investment) and other financial analyses? Not only will you impress clients, but your business background will also impress your boss and potential future employers.

Believe it or not, my goal here isn’t to promote the general business minor to you all. My goal is to emphasize the importance of a minor/minors in addition to your major courses. Help make yourself more marketable to your desired field by taking complimentary courses. If you’re interested in sports PR, then take some sports management classes. If you’re interested in retail PR, then take some consumer sciences courses. Do whatever it takes to set yourself a part from other PR students and maybe, just maybe, finding a post-grad job or summer internship won’t be such risky business.


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